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MUSIC Wrist warmers
This pattern can be sent as an email (PDF) - or as ordinary mail.

The yarn is shown further down

This pattern is also published in the bookelt PULSVARMERE (only Norwegian)

We usually knit all our wrist warmers in alpaca, cashmere or similar fibers, so that we can use them in most seasons.
Shown here:
White Wrist warmers - Pinnsvin's HJORTEPELS
Red Wrist warmers - Fotrama ALPAKKA 3/10

Onesize - can easily be adjusted, so you can use this pattern also for children and men.
Circumference: about 19cm
Length: 11cm

44 sts and 84 rows = 10cm

2DPN (or a small circular) 1,5mm
We use smaller needles than the yarn normally requires, as we want the wrist warmers to be extra elastic and allow space for more pattern.

50g Pinnsvin´s HJORTEPELS (70% Water Deer 20% Cashmere 10% Merino) - adds a halo to the finished product
or 50g Isager ALPACA 2
or 50g Fotrama ALPACA 3/10

1 tube (28g) Güterman Rocailles 9/0 beads - Col. 1020
1 thin sewing needle (or needle for beads)
A scrap of a sewing thread

Keep your wrists warm with these beautiful beaded wrist warmers!
It is well known that if you take care to keep your wrists warm, you will not freeze as easily on the rest of your body.
Keep your blood (artery) warm, as grandma used to say!
In addition, this is of great help to those of us struggling with bad joints.
When it becomes a piece of jewelry like this, it should be an easy choice to knit a pair for yourself or your friends.

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Varenavn MUSIC Wrist warmers

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